Our school strives to offer the highest level of security and safety for our students, community and visitors. The school has extensive internal and external security measures to ensure the safety and welfare of all community members, and these must be adhered to.

We have a security policy and a crisis management procedure, both of which are under constant review but they remain confidential for the safety of our students.

When visiting the campus, all parents must wear the parent badge, to be clearly visible before entering through the main checkpoint. Please be aware that the campus contains extensive CCTV security cameras.

All visitors must sign in at the front gate, sign the safeguarding statement and wear their visitor badge, clearly visible, before entering the school areas. Visitors must not enter school building unless accompanied.

As a courtesy, and for security reasons, it is vital that appropriate staff members are informed of an intended visit. All visitors are asked to sign out upon departure.

Parents are permitted into the main reception area and the reception areas in both the Primary and the Early Years buildings. Unless invited specifically by staff, parents are not permitted into classroom corridors or other areas of the School facility. It is important that congregating parents do not disturb the lessons or learning of the students during school hours.

Parents are welcome to come to the school and support their children in organised games, sports or other activities via invitation only.

There are bathroom facilities and a parent lounge located in the reception area. Visitors are not permitted to use student’s bathroom facilities inside the buildings.

The flow of traffic around the campus is strictly managed to ensure the safety of the students. Vehicles are only permitted on school grounds if recognised and officially registered.

Smoking is strictly prohibited on the school site.

We conduct regular emergency drills, as is standard procedure in accredited international schools. Emergency evacuation routes will be posted in each room. Students are expected to follow teacher directives to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. Lockdown and fire drills are regularly practiced under strict supervision throughout the school year.

The school monitors the local and international context for security. In the event of civil unrest, the school administration will be in contact with authorities and embassies to determine the seriousness of any situation. The school may determine to have students remain on site for their safety, or parents may be requested to collect children - dependent upon the situation.

In Cambodia, rains resulting in serious flooding may occasionally disrupt the normal school day. This will likely be flooding of roads and residential areas around the campus. Delays will be expected and safety must always be considered in these circumstances.

AISPP is a closed campus with no exit. If a student needs to leave school before 3:00pm, they must have written permission from a parent or notification via phone or email with the front reception. Teachers must also be informed. Students must be physically collected from the classroom area to ensure their safety.

If a student feels unwell at school, the office staff/nurse will notify their parents, and arrangements will be made to leave school as needed.

Nannies, family caregivers, drivers and bodyguards should not be on the school campus during the school day. If they choose to remain, they must stay in the driver area, outside the school buildings, near to the main entrance.

Contractors must seek permission through the Operations Manager to enter the site after hours and be under supervision.

Any person found on school grounds without visitor identification will be referred to the school’s administration building. The school reserves the right to have anyone removed. Police will be contacted.