Sustainability at AISPP

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In our ever changing world, sustainability is becoming more and more of a global issue. As a result of this, AISPP is looking to transform learning, thinking, and action by students and teachers to help build a sustainable future. AISPP is preparing students to become resilient and successful 21st century citizens who will look to implement sustainability practices at both a local and global level. Students at AISPP have the opportunity to learn about sustainability primarily through the school’s organic garden, compost heap, and school-wide recycling policies. Many of the sustainable practices implemented at the school are student led initiatives.

There is an organic garden located on the AISPP campus that uses sustainable techniques to grow fruit and vegetables. Ultimately, the organic fruit and vegetables from the organic garden will provide ingredients for the Smart Cafe. Students have the opportunity to help out in the organic garden through their inquiry units and as part of the R.I.S.E programme. A compost heap has recently been created meaning that students and Thought Leaders can dispose of food scraps in a sustainable manner. The kitchen in the Smart Cafe is now able to dispose of all the food scraps accumulated throughout the busy lunch period!

Students at AISPP have the opportunity to grow and care for their own plants. They are responsible for watering the plants and making sure that they are getting the appropriate amount of sunlight. Students have put their environmental knowledge to the test by growing and caring for their own chilli, cucumber, and basil plants amongst others. This has proved to be a rousing success.

AISPP is conscious about the amount of paper and plastic it uses and has looked to minimise the use of these materials where possible. Students are encouraged to bring any paper, plastic or cardboard to school for use in class projects and creative activities. Already students have grown accustomed to reusing materials and disposing of materials in the correct manner.