AISPP’s Online Learning!

Online Learning

Dear Parents,

Thank you for assisting with your child’s Online Learning. It is wonderful to see the students online and participating with their teachers.

The campus remains closed and Online Learning continues until further notice.

Please remember to take care of yourself and your families. Our children are just as scared as we are right now. Our children not only can hear everything that is going on around them, but they feel our constant tension and anxiety. They have never experienced anything like this before.

Over the coming weeks, you will see an increase in behaviour issues. Whether it’s anxiety, or anger, or protest that they can’t do things normally - it will happen. This is normal and expected under these circumstances.

What children need right now is to feel comforted and loved. To feel like it’s all going to be ok and to hear these words from their parents. How they felt during this time will stay with them long after the memory of what they did during those weeks is long gone. Please take the time to support your children.

 Teaching and learning will continue online from 0900 every day, Monday to Friday.

All tasks should be submitted by 4pm at the end of the day.

A register of attendance will be taken each day and this will be monitored for Foundation to Year 10.

Learning Coaches, as well as Homeroom teachers are available every afternoon to support your child’s learning.

A welfare contact will be established via Emily Fryer should anyone need support.

If you have problems accessing Google classrooms or Seesaw, please call or come in to reception for assistance.

Please remain in touch. Reception is open should you have questions.

Paul Grisewood

Head of School