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Celebration of Learning!

Celebration of Learning Makes a Reflective Students’ Learning!

Online Learning

AISPP’s Online Learning!

Dear Parents,

Thank you for continuing to support the Online Learning with AISPP.

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Distance Learning @AISPP Progresses Continuously!

We thank our staff, parents and students for their continued support and ongoing efforts to ensure that our students’ learning continues.

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Teaching and learning will continue online from 0900 again on Monday 23 March!

Dear Parents,

Teaching and learning will continue online from 0900 again on Monday 23 March.

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Notice Update for Parents!!!

Dear Parents,

Further to our message yesterday, we are advised by the Ministry of Education and Health Cambodia- all schools in Phnom Penh will have a short- term break until further notice.



Dear Parents, 

Rest assured we are doing all we can to ensure continuity of learning and the Health and Welfare of the community. School is open.

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2020 Sports Gala

A Remarkable Annual Sports Gala at AISPP!

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MYP Parent Workshop III - Educational Path Way

AISPP students’ learning always involves parents’ collaborations, partnerships, and engagement to guarantee their child’s successful future!


The Wondrous Sports Gala Led by Our Early Learning Center - ELC!

The ELC community formed with children, staff and parents were joyfully involving with a variety of sports with their child.