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Meet the Staff at AISPP

An international school is defined by the quality of its teaching. Without teaching excellence throughout the Curriculum, a deep-rooted commitment to learning and the enthusiasm to deliver inspirational lessons and knowledge, students cannot grow into the best version of themselves.

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A General Overview of that AISPP Australian National Curriculum

Top of the preferred education pathways currently available, the Australian National Curriculum has much to offer today’s international student community. With a truly global focus, many parents are opting to send their children to leading international schools providing this as their core Curriculum.


Recruiting Now 2019 - 2020

AISPP is a private school modelled on Australian independent education, in an international context. Built in 2016, with its impressive facilities and buildings for education and founded in 2017, AISPP offers the popular International Baccalaureate education from Early Years, Primary education to MYP Middle years.

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MYP Zone

Schools educational and supporting programs and the transition to these, is a critical issue in early adolescence. How well the school environment fits the needs of early adolescents during this difficult stage is an influential factor in the shaping of their learning outcomes.

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What do parents really think about AISPP?

When you’re looking for a new school for your child, it’s important that you do your research. But what sort of research should you be doing? Is a quick look on the school website enough? Do you need to book a tour? Are you fully familiar with the Curriculum on offer? All of this is important, but don’t forget to have a quick read of those all-important testimonials!

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UK V Australian Education? Which is most popular?

Australia is set to overtake the UK as the second most popular country in the world for international study. But why? It’s clear that the Australian National Curriculum has much to offer today’s smart learner. It opens up wide-ranging opportunities and responds to the need for global learning and competency.

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Parent teacher conferences and interim reports

As part of our School Development Plan and the journey of development, it was decided to review the current assessment guidelines and reporting formats in order to provide more meaningful information to families. This will bring the reporting process in line with current teaching methods, recommendations and accreditation requirements.


A new term and a new logo for AISPP

Your brand says a lot about you. In an education context, it defines your learning ethos, approach and your wider offering. That’s why AISPP has gone to great lengths to create a new logo that embodies all that it strives to achieve and be, and excellence, growth and development are at the heart of it!

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AISSP's ambitious plans for the year ahead

With the new academic year now underway, there are great opportunities for AISPP to further establish itself as the preferred school across the Kingdom of Cambodia. So as students old and new commence their studies, AISPP is already hard at work planning and implementing the next phase of their future development.