An effective professional learning community

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At AISPP we value learning and it begins with our staff. We believe that an effective Professional Learning Community (PLC) is collaborative is best defined as an inclusive collaborative, group of people, motivated by a shared learning vision, who support and work with each other, finding ways, inside and outside their immediate community, to enquire on their practice and together learn new and better approaches that will enhance all pupils’ learning.

We aim to improve overall pupil achievement, particularly through a focus on improving the quality of teaching. We aspire to develop an effective school, by attaining all standards. Through effective teaching practice, professional development and high quality leadership with strong support, collegiality and challenge we can achieve this.

Teachers PledgeOur Head of School spent three days at New International School with the IB in Bangkok last week. The work focussed upon leading a learning focussed IB School. Research shows that a school with a direction for improvement, and a strong vision and mission has a very much higher chance of also having high student achievement and effective leadership, is a part of this.

Additionally, yesterday At AISPP, our staff underwent training in the areas of standards, child protection and effective behavior management and we thank our colleagues who contributed to our learning.

The school invests in its staff by providing training and development opportunities internally through weekly workshops and coaching and externally through international conferences, training and further study. Our staff have set goals and are focussed towards personalized training prior to December to extend their knowledge.

Our teachers are our core focus along with our students, as we believe great schools have great teachers to develop outstanding student learning.