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 All Senior Years students gained substantial experience using a Visual Art Process Journal to record learning and observations, and how to engage in conferencing with guest experts. Year 9/10 students also had an opportunity to practice comparative analysis, critiquing a work of art and referencing artistic influences in their own artworks and others, and in essays and critiques. Student creative explorations were guided by Key Ideas within the ACARA relating to knowledge, skills, techniques, processes, media used by artists to explore arts practices which communicate ideas and intentions, and includes analysing and interpreting artworks. Furthermore, students were engaged in the practice of viewing art in context from the perspective of the artist, and the art-viewer.
In support of our curriculum and IB philosophy, Senior Years students welcomed, observed and conferenced with Khmer artists and entrepreneurs Chhunly & Kolab from Battambang.
Students were very grateful for the opportunity to learn about Urban art while at school, and were inspired by the process of painting in the downstairs canteen on the wall facing our oval. How visual artists apply the aesthetic in support of conscious development and sustainable communities, frames student creativity through the IB Inquiry this year. The IB learner-profile frames an Inquiry approach to collaborative problem-solving toward a fairer, hence peaceful and co-existent global community.
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