AISPP Swim Gala

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The first AISPP Swim Gala was held on 21 May for the whole school - a chance for our students to show off their swimming skills in a fun and competitive environment.siedz600330 Swim Gala 2019 05 21 at 16.17.56 copy 2

The two-hour event included a swim race, cheerleading and 4 swimming game stations with Ping Pong ball tug-of-war, bottle cap and noodle race. All the swimmers competed against one another in 25 meter freestyle; the PYP students did the 25 meter backstroke and the MYP students the 50 meter backstroke.

The spirit of competition emerged as the contestants swam in the last heats and, even though only some won, everyone had fun during the race and the swimming games. The winners were awarded first, second and third prize ribbons by the Head of School to mark their achievement, under the proud eyes of their parents and teachers.

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The teachers themselves took part in a fun swim race, riding the pool noodles. All in all, it was a celebration of swimming styles and skills, the foundation of future swimming competitions for our students.

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