Music Class Co-Curricular Activity (CCA)

The Music class is designed as part of our Co-curricular Activities (CCAs) to keep students involved in our after school activities and relieve the stress and anxiety they have had. 

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Read for Good

The Read for Good has encouraged our students to keep interested in reading and active participation in raising funds for a rural school library and sharing an opportunity to read books with those students.


Parent Health Workshop

Yesterday afternoon, AISPP parents attended our first Parent Health Workshop, hosted by our highly-qualified Senior Nurse, Mrs. Sopari Sor. 

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Lockdown Drill

Today’s lockdown drill presented successfully!

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Community Engagement Workshop

Our Primary Principal Robert Hyndman conducted a staff workshop yesterday, getting everyone’s understanding as well as sharing with them the Community Engagement. 

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Traditional Khmer Musical Instruments Co-Curricular Activity (CCA)

Our Traditional Khmer Musical Instruments Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) is purposefully designed for students who are passionate about learning and exploring Khmer culture through the arts. 

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ELC - Break Time

During morning tea break time, ELC students enjoy a variety of fun activities in their designated playground, which has become their favorite play space. 


A Holistic Design Process of Our MYP 4 Design Class!

Coding and algorithmic thinking is a fundamental skill for solving modern problems. MYP 4 Design students learn how to programme in Python,


MYP Science Class

Our MYP 5 Science students design their own experiments, building investigation skills to better understand motions and forces.

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University Visit (SCAD)

Yesterday saw AISPP's first university visit. We were delighted to welcome Mr Chang Woojin, Associate Director of Admissions from Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD).