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ELC - Break Time

During morning tea break time, ELC students enjoy a variety of fun activities in their designated playground, which has become their favorite play space. 


A Holistic Design Process of Our MYP 4 Design Class!

Coding and algorithmic thinking is a fundamental skill for solving modern problems. MYP 4 Design students learn how to programme in Python,


MYP Science Class

Our MYP 5 Science students design their own experiments, building investigation skills to better understand motions and forces.

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University Visit (SCAD)

Yesterday saw AISPP's first university visit. We were delighted to welcome Mr Chang Woojin, Associate Director of Admissions from Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). 

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Teaching Staff Professional Development!

All teaching staff spent yesterday looking at High Quality Teaching and Learning for their professional development.

1. Head of School

Council of International schools Evaluation

Our Head of School is an experienced international evaluator and has been selected as one of 360 evaluator positions for 119 accreditation visits in 53 countries during 2019.


Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)

AISPP proudly celebrated the UN Literacy Day to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies by supporting the Read for Good organized by World Vision.

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Our MYP Coordinator, Dr. Aggie Huang hosted a group of parents to provide them with information, knowledge, suggestions, and methods to best educate their children as parents of MYP children.

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Year 1 - Numeracy Class

An interesting activity to go! Year 1 students enjoyed with their outdoor activity during their Numeracy class.

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Foundation Class

Our Foundation students had a wonderful Relay Race during their Numeracy class.