Covid-19 Update on March 12, 2020

We continue to plan for the safety of our community and the continuity of learning.


Coronavirus Update - 13 February 2020

Please reconsider your travel plans domestically to provinces and internationally, particularly within the region.

Upon entry to the school, you must declare your recent travels to ensure health standards.

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All Senior Years students gained substantial experience using a Visual Art Process Journal to record learning and observations, and how to engage in conferencing with guest experts.

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Staff v.s. Students’ Friendly Soccer Match!

Sports involvement builds a magnificent community engagement - Staff v.s. Students’ Friendly Soccer Match!


Coronavirus Update February 11, 2020

As of 10 February, no new countries have reported cases. Over 40,000 cases have been reported but only 309 of these cases are outside of China.

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Making Community a Priority at AISPP - Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day AISPP!


ELC’s Second Celebration of Learning!

Last week, our Early Learning Centre (ELC) held their second Celebration of Learning, offering parents an exciting opportunity to observe their child's progress.

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University Visit - The University of Sydney

Last week, the school hosted a visit of the University of Sydney.

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Christmas Bake Sale

Our Christmas Bake Sale is an unforgettable memory!


2nd Parent Health Workshop

Dr. Heng Ratanak Kunthea was an honored guest speaker at our Health Workshop yesterday.