Dear Parents, 

Rest assured we are doing all we can to ensure continuity of learning and the Health and Welfare of the community. School is open.

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2020 Sports Gala

A Remarkable Annual Sports Gala at AISPP!

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MYP Parent Workshop III - Educational Path Way

AISPP students’ learning always involves parents’ collaborations, partnerships, and engagement to guarantee their child’s successful future!


The Wondrous Sports Gala Led by Our Early Learning Center - ELC!

The ELC community formed with children, staff and parents were joyfully involving with a variety of sports with their child.

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The Foundation class successfully led a sustainability-related project – Paper Making Activity!

Thursday last week saw an interesting paper making activity led by the Foundation students.

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International Mother Language Assembly at AISPP

International Mother Language Day is celebrated annually on 21 February to raise awareness about the linguistic and cultural diversity of all people.

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House Chants

In preparation for the upcoming Sports Gala, MYP students were invited down to the ELC to teach the students their new House chants.

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UN’s International Mother Tongue Day!

AISPP Celebrates World Literature as part of the UN’s International Mother Tongue Day!

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Digital Citizenship Workshop

At AISPP, supporting our staff and their capacity for flourishing in 21st-century education remains one of our top priorities.


UN International Mother Tongue Day Celebration

As part of our celebration of UN International Mother Tongue Day, our Year 5 students have produced a short film showcasing the various languages spoken by our AISPP community.