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You are invited to attend the school welcome ceremony

School commences for all classes on Wednesday 15th August. You are invited to attend the ‘School Welcome Ceremony’ for Foundation to Year 9. This will commence at 8:30 am in the main building, in the central foyer.

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5 Things every parent should know about AISPP

If you’re looking for a new or different school for your child it’s very easy to get confused with all of the information available. This can be even more complex if you are moving to a new country, or within that country. AISPP understands that the whole process can be sensitive for parents and children alike, so here are 5 important things that you should know when considering AISPP as your child’s education provider.

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5 Important 21st century skills every student needs

Aside from delivering the core Curriculum, AISPP believes that children should also be introduced to other essential 21st Century skills. Otherwise known as the ‘Skills for Today,’ why are these so important to living and learning in the modern world?

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Importance of global values, responsibility and mindset in 21st century learning

“AISPP will be the Kingdom of Cambodia’s leading Australian international school”, according to Paul Grisewood, Head of School. With a clear focus on providing a modern, 21st Century education and plans to become a four-programme IB framework school, it’s AISPP’s recognition of the need for children to develop global values, responsibility and mindset that makes them stand out.

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An insight into AISPP’s 21st century learning environment

To be honest, no parent wants to send their child to an average school that is not set on being the best it can be. But what makes a school successful, and why is it important for mums and dads to choose a school that aspires to be a world-class education leader?

Paul Grisewood

Meet the head of school at AISPP

Strong leadership has a huge impact on school culture, performance and its ongoing success. So how did AISPP go about finding a suitably qualified leader with the experience and personal qualities that could help deliver a 21st Century education across the Kingdom of Cambodia?

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Educating kids for the future at AISPP

Education has changed a great deal in recent years. Schools are now faced with the difficult challenges of not only equipping youngsters with the appropriate qualifications to get them into the university of their choice, but encouraging them to have a much wider global mindset so they can go on and build their future wherever that might be in the world.

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End of first year at AISPP

Friday 15 June saw AISPP celebrate its first full year of operation. It was an exciting day with 2-year old children up to Year 7 students celebrating their learning with parents, grandparents and the entire school community. Students sang, danced and received promotion certificates.

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AISPP Family Fair

Saturday 31st March saw AISPP open their gates to families, friends, and prospective students. Over 20 market stalls were set up with plenty of food and merchandise available for purchase. Everyone was invited to spend the day enjoying the variety of activities on offer.

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Sustainability at AISPP

In our ever changing world, sustainability is becoming more and more of a global issue. As a result of this, AISPP is looking to transform learning, thinking, and action by students and teachers to help build a sustainable future.