The best of both worlds

Preparing students to become happy, resilient and successful 21st century citizens is our major priority at AISPP.

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5 reasons why smaller class sizes can benefit your child

If you’re currently looking for a new independent school for your child in the heart of the Cambodian capital, the chances are ‘smaller class sizes’ might catch your eye! But why are small class sizes so beneficial for children, and what does all of the latest evidence suggest are the overriding benefits?

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Teaching kids about the importance of sustainability

There has been much debate and differing opinions across the global education industry about whether or not, and to what extent, sustainability and sustainable development should be integrated into and across subjects forming part of the Curriculum. The fact remains that for children to be successful they need to appreciate how they can play a part in helping to ensure our world’s continuance.


Curriculum information sessions

To ensure a smooth transition, enhance communication and develop our educational partnership further, we would like to invite all parents to attend curriculum information sessions.

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Teacher recruitment at AISPP

AISPP believes that professionally administered and strategically aligned recruiting processes to secure the right staff, both teaching and non-teaching, is the best way for us to realise the vision for our school.

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The importance of co-curricular learning at AISPP

Most schools offer some form of co-curricular activities as part of their wider offering, but why is it important for students to get involved with these projects and what are the benefits?

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What makes a school world-class?

To be honest, no parent wants to send their child to an average school that is not set on being the best it can be. But what makes a school successful, and why is it important for mums and dads to choose a school that aspires to be a world-class education leader?

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Our teachers pledge to our wonderful students at AISPP

Our teachers pledge to our wonderful students at AISPP, as shared at our academic year opening.

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School reflection at our opening

Yesterday we introduced our School reflection at our opening.

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Welcome to the academic year at Australian International School

This week we held the Opening School Ceremony to commence the new School year, welcome new students and staff and commence a new tradition for AIS. We all committed ourselves to the year ahead as staff and students and as a community.