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An effective professional learning community

At AISPP we value learning and it begins with our staff. We believe that an effective Professional Learning Community (PLC) is collaborative is best defined as an inclusive collaborative, group of people, motivated by a shared learning vision, who support and work with each other, finding ways, inside and outside their immediate community, to enquire on their practice and together learn new and better approaches that will enhance all pupils’ learning.

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What is an IB world school?

There are some 4,700 IB World Schools across the globe in 150 countries, dedicated to delivering IB learning programmes. An IB World School provides an education for students aged 3 to 19, across 4 levels. The key focus is on encouraging students to think critically and inquire with care and logic, preparing them for success in an increasingly diverse world.


Important Dates

No School – Staff Training – Accreditation, Child Protection and Behavior Management – 24th September

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The role of schools in building community links

Schools have an important part to play in helping young people to feel safe in, and a part of, their immediate community. That’s not just their ‘school community’, but also the wider community in which they live and, in the future, may work.

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How can an IB education benefit your child?

Enrolling your child at an international school that provides the IB (International Baccalaureate) programme of learning can help them to grow in independence and to develop the skills and mindset that they need to succeed in our increasingly globalized world.

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Parent teacher information afternoons

Thank you for your support and attendance at our recent Parent Teacher information afternoons which explained the IB programme and classroom requirements.


The best of both worlds

Preparing students to become happy, resilient and successful 21st century citizens is our major priority at AISPP.

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5 reasons why smaller class sizes can benefit your child

If you’re currently looking for a new independent school for your child in the heart of the Cambodian capital, the chances are ‘smaller class sizes’ might catch your eye! But why are small class sizes so beneficial for children, and what does all of the latest evidence suggest are the overriding benefits?

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Teaching kids about the importance of sustainability

There has been much debate and differing opinions across the global education industry about whether or not, and to what extent, sustainability and sustainable development should be integrated into and across subjects forming part of the Curriculum. The fact remains that for children to be successful they need to appreciate how they can play a part in helping to ensure our world’s continuance.


Curriculum information sessions

To ensure a smooth transition, enhance communication and develop our educational partnership further, we would like to invite all parents to attend curriculum information sessions.