How does a school’s learning environment influence achievement?

How well a child learns, particularly in their early years, is greatly affected by their learning environment. So what is it about the physical surroundings in school that can make children try harder and achieve more? AISPP believes that there is now a ‘third teacher’.

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Why students need technology in the classroom?

Technology has changed the way we live, work and learn. It’s here to stay and most young people can’t get enough of it! Schools need to understand how and when they should use it if they are to create an effective working environment that supports achievement and success.

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Why is learning a different language imperative in this global age?

We live in an age where migration, freedom of movement, and better career opportunities permit families to move and work wherever they choose. Speaking another language, therefore, is imperative if young people are to make the most of living and working in the 21st Century.

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How do you encourage older children to read?

Most parents have struggled with the task of getting their children, particularly those approaching their teens, to continue reading once they have grasped the basics of phonics, vocabulary and literacy. Why then should you encourage older kids to read and how can you do this without confrontation?


Why do children need to play sports in school?

Obesity is on the rise in school-age children given changing behaviours and lifestyle choices, so regular exercise is very important. But playing sport isn’t just about maintaining a healthy weight it can also have a significant impact on a child’s motivation to learn, and their overall achievement.


Reflection on the bake sale

As one of the MYP Service as Action teams (MYP SA Team), our goal is to be a positive influence on our community and change our society for the better. In term 2, we have been working on preparing a bake sale to raise money which will be spent on stationery supplies to be donated to a school called “Village 15”.

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How to promote creativity in the modern classroom

Creativity is hugely important in the modern classroom. Why? Because a creative classroom helps students to be better thinkers and learners – and that’s what the 21st Century demands!

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How do you develop a cultural awareness amongst students?

The world is changing and the planet on which we live now seems a much smaller place than it was a Decade ago. With greater work mobility and more migration, families are prepared to travel to make the most of a more favourable climate, working conditions and education opportunities if it means they will be happier, healthier and financially better off.

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International Mindedness

Global politics, worldwide environmental issues and dramatic population movements across continents have become part of our everyday lives. If we want our children to grow up to be innovators and leaders in positive global change, then an international mindset is a must.

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The association of independent school's new south wales

The association serves and represents, leading private schools in Australia. AISPP is proud to an Australian school overseas receiving support and advice as we move towards excellence. We join 7 global members from schools in Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.