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Library Reading Challenge

Starting on Monday, March 4th all AISPP students are participating in a March is for Reading challenge and are expected to read an age-appropriate amount of time reading each day, or listening to being read to in the case for ELC through Foundation students.


Our Mobile App is available now

Our brand new mobile app is available now! You can download the apps for free from the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android!

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Enhanced Campus Security

AISPP strives to offer the highest level of safety and security for our students, community and visitors through extensive security measures.

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Meet Julie Grisewood, AISPP’s Community Development Officer and Special Projects Manager

AISPP maintains close links with the Australian Embassy here in Phnom Penh. Most recently they have interviewed Julie Grisewood, our Community Development Officer as part of their ‘profile of the month.’ She also has a responsibility for all of our special projects and school initiatives.


How does collaborative learning benefit your child?

At AISPP we believe that collaborative learning encourages children to develop the social skills, communication abilities and personal confidence that will help them in later life. The fact is collaboration in any school and/or classroom environment leads to successful learning so we think it should be encouraged.

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Does a happy school environment lead to happier children?

Were your schools days the happiest of your life? The fact is happiness leads to success when it comes to learning, so spreading positive psychology across school is really important if you are to encourage learning and achievement at the highest level.


How do you inspire children to learn?

There are many strategies and trains of thought about how you inspire children to learn. The first realisation has to be that each child is unique and any effective learning needs to embrace that fact.

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The importance of student wellbeing in international school life

With the advent of global migration for work, education and improved lifestyle purposes, children must be helped to feel secure, relaxed and at ease in their learning environment if they are to do well.

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What makes an international school great?

Parents face many difficult challenges when they are moving to a largely unknown country, or region, for work purposes. They naturally want the best for their child’s education, but sometimes find it difficult to find the right international school for their needs.


Author Ciaran Murtagh visits AISPP on February 27th, 2019!

Author Ciaran Murtagh visits AISPP on February 27th, 2019! Read his books here at AISPP in the Learning Commons. Ciaran’s books will be on sale in the Learning Commons to be signed by the author on the day of his visit. Books are $13.00 each.