We provide a wide range of co-curricular opportunities for our children to extend their learning and development. Clubs are developed each term which focus upon academics, language and culture, the arts and sport.


Recreation allows students to refresh from their daily stress. Recreation programs are needed to increase physical competence, they are health-related, teach responsibility, and encourage enjoyment of activity for all students with the goal that they will remain physically active for their lifetime.


Innovation: to do things in new or different ways. This can range from continuous improvement of existing practices, through to transformation of how we achieve goals or even rethinking what those goals are.


Social skills need to be taught and practised at school also. Our activities focus on developing communication, supporting an attitude of caring, and growing an open-minded view of the community around us.


Students gain life experience with each new activity that will propel them into becoming our global leaders of the future. Building community and taking part in these new experiences is all a part of growing up with a mindset focused on the positive and finding the way to solutions.