Terms and Conditions

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Early Years education begins at the AISPP campus Early Learning Center and caters for 3 and 4 year old girls and boys. Primary education is centred at the AISPP campus Junior School Building and caters for boys and girls from Year 1 to Year 5 inclusive. Secondary education for boys and girls from Years 6 to year 12 inclusive is provided at the AISPP campus Senior School Building.


  • (a) When the quota for each point of entry has been filled, a waiting list will be opened for applicants who wish their child to be considered for any vacancy which may occur through cancellation of an entry.
  • (b) When a child is accepted, a non-refundable enrolment fee, as set by the School Board from time to time, is payable to confirm the place. The enrolment fee is non-refundable and will not be refunded if the student does not commence, nor credited against future tuition fees.
  • (c) Acceptance at one point of entry does not confer the right to defer the entry.
  • (d) A condition of entry to the School is that parents or guardians who sign the Application for Enrolment agree to abide by any regulations of the School as may be published by the School Board.


  • The regulations (if any) attached to this Terms and Conditions of Entry form, being those regulations which are in force at the date shown at the bottom of this form;
  • Any other regulation of which the School notifies the signatories to the application for Enrolment from time to time.

The School reserves the right to terminate the enrolment of a student from the School on grounds of unsatisfactory conduct or performance, failure to obey the rules of the School, or for any other reason. In such matters the Head of School’s decision is final.

School fees and charges are payable within 14 days of the date of each relevant account. The School has the right to determine, at its discretion, the level of fees, interest and other charges, and the person(s) signing the Application for Enrolment accepts liability to meet such fees, interest and charges as may be notified from time to time.

The parent or guardian shall give one term’s notice in writing to the Head of School of intention to withdraw a student from the School. In lieu thereof a term’s fees at the rate fixed by the School for the ensuing term shall be payable. The Business Manager is authorised by the School Board to take any steps he/she may deem necessary including legal action to recover unpaid fees or accounts.


To ensure our records on your child’s enrolment are correct and up to date, changes of address or contact information should be notified promptly to the School’s Admissions Officer email: admissions@aispp.edu.kh


By signing the Application for Enrolment each signatory to that form:

  • Authorises the School, its agents and employees to obtain any medical treatment for the student that they consider appropriate in circumstances where the student suffers from an injury or illness; and
  • Indemnifies each of the School, its agents and employees against any expenses, costs or damages which they may incur as a result of obtaining this medical treatment. When the School enrols a student, the signatory/signatories to the Application for Enrolment concerning that student must provide the School with any details of the student’s medical condition that the School requests.


The School collects personal information, including sensitive information about students and parents or guardians before and during the course of a student’s enrolment at the School. The primary purpose of collecting this information is to enable the School to provide proper schooling and care for your son/daughter. This includes satisfying the needs of parents and guardians and the needs of the student throughout the whole period he/she is enrolled. Some of the information we collect is to satisfy the School’s legal obligations, particularly to enable the School to discharge its duty of care. Certain laws governing or relating to the operation of schools require that information is collected. You may contact the School if you have a question about this.

Health information about students is sensitive information within the terms of the School’s Privacy Act. We require medical reports about students from time to time. If you do not consent to us obtaining this information you must advise us.

The School from time to time also has to disclose certain personal information and sensitive information to others. This includes other schools, government departments, medical practitioners, publications and people providing services to the School, including specialist visiting teachers, coaches and volunteers. If we do not obtain the information referred to above we may not be able to enrol or continue the enrolment of your son/daughter.

Personal information collected from student work samples is regularly disclosed to their parents and guardians. On occasions it is published in School bulletins, newsletters, magazine publications and Social Media. For educational and marketing purposes images may also be collected and published in visual form from time to time.

Parents may seek access to personal information collected about them and their son/daughter by contacting the School. However, there will be occasions when access is denied. Such occasions would include where the release would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others or where release may result in a breach of the School’s duty of care to the student.

From time to time the School engages in fund-raising activities. The information received from you may be used to make an appeal to you. It may also be disclosed to organisations that assist in the School’s fund-raising activities.

If you provide the School with the personal information of others, such as doctors or emergency contacts, you should inform them that you are disclosing that information to the School and why, so that they can access that information if they wish. Kindly note that the School does not usually disclose the information to third parties. Privacy Notification: Australian International School Phnom Penh respects the privacy of individuals and acknowledges that the information you provide is protected by the School’s Privacy Act. The information collected by Australian International School Phnom Penh is used for the purpose of processing and providing you with information (via email and/or mail) on upcoming events and specific services provided by or associated with Australian International School Phnom Penh.