AISPP prides itself on its governance, leadership and management standards. Excellent governance is crucial for an international school’s success. 

The School Board of AISPP, with its international advisors, working in partnership with the Senior Leadership Team have planned for the future, using a Strategic Plan to build a premium educational institution for the community of Phnom Penh.

AISPP aspires to excellence and aims to be a regional leader in education, providing a:

  • An internationally minded, private school education
  • An engaging and creative curriculum based upon Australian curriculum and the IB programmes
  • An outstanding educational organisation accredited and authorised to international standards

 We are supported by Australia NSW (Australia) as a Global Partner (Australian School Overseas) providing professional advice, including curriculum guidance, child protection standards and accredited governance training.


AISPP  believes that conscious organisations are those that possess a clear vision, manifest that vision through highly integrated systems and hold their people accountable for the effective use of those systems.  Such organisations demonstrate a high sense of purpose, order, integrity and meaning.

We are a community of global citizens, aspiring to excellence, by developing a balanced learning environment to ensure our learners become well rounded, caring members of society.AISPP aims to provide a caring environment for students to thrive in a creative, collaborative and confident manner.

To enact the mission, we plan for the future to achieve the following:


To be fully accredited and authorised as a world-class education provider.


To develop outstanding and professional governance, leadership and management


Ensure the development of outstanding rigorous curriculum that meets the students’ needs and develops global citizenship


To develop community engagement and partnerships, both locally and internationally.


To develop our facilities to support the schools missions and curriculum implementation


We thank the staff, students, board and parent community for your input into our plan for the future and we look forward to meeting these goals and attaining our international standards to provide your children with a world class education.



AISPP recognises that successful schools today have an enormous responsibility to educate students for their future.

As such, AISPP is committed to meet the needs of its students with:

  • passion
  • drive
  • creativity
  • innovation
  • dedication

To undertake this enormous responsibility, AISPP strongly believes we must focus our efforts on the following four areas:

The Student

AISPP strives to understand the nature of every child and provide growth-centred, student-focused learning. Each day spent at school provides precious time to learn and to be challenged. We are committed to moving beyond the traditional approach of teaching all children the same way and with the same curriculum.

Addressing individual learning needs and ensuring individual learning styles and multiple intelligences are a part of all our programs that ensures a stimulating, targeted, personalised approach.

The Teacher

AISPP believes that the quality of our teachers is paramount. We recruit outstanding, internationally - qualified teachers to offer the best programs possible. Our teachers are enthusiastic learners who are inquirers themselves and who develop, nurture, and grow inquiry within their students.

They are passionate about providing engaging and motivational learning activities and rich assessment tasks.

Values, Responsibility and a Global Mindset

AISPP believes that 21st-century education recognises the importance of social values and social responsibility.

Emotional intelligence, values, social and emotional programs, ‘doing good for society’ through action and service programs, and developing international-mindedness feature in all of our day-to-day programs.

The Learning Environment

AISPP strongly believes that the environment is the third teacher and, as such, prides itself on offering a beautiful setting, creative, 21st-century learning spaces and a learning environment that focuses on local and global aspects of our shared planet and common humanity.