AISPP offers a modern education within traditional values, whilst preparing students for the future.

It is modelled on Australian private and independent education standards, with a balanced focus on academics, pastoral care, co-curricular options, sporting activities, the arts and character development, in an international context, focused upon the IB.

The curriculum is taught by native English speakers who utilise the Australian National Curriculum concepts, skills and knowledge through the IB framework to teach students in a modern way, in enhanced, innovative learning environments.

Our aim is to be a world-class, innovative and accredited Early Years to Grade 12 international school located on a single campus.

Our focus is to provide our students with an outstanding, well-rounded education, ensuring that they learn beyond the traditional academics to acquire the skills, habits and dispositions required to thrive and be successful in the future.

Located in northwest Phnom Penh’s up-and-coming neighbourhood of Russey Keo, near the Aeon II mall facility, the school is spread across 6 hectares (15 acres) of spacious grounds. Brand new purpose-built facilities create an exciting and stimulating learning environment.

We are proud to be members of the global Australian International Schools Association (AISA) network and Australian Independent School (AISNSW) global partner.

Our campus has a most impressive array of first-class facilities, including a purpose-built Early Learning Centre, primary school and secondary school buildings containing a variety of learning spaces and creativity centres, all linked to 21st- century learning: a large gymnasium, library, swimming pool, toddlers’ pool, café, technology centres, maker spaces, science labs, sustainability project area, orchard, free range-farm and many more amenities to foster learning and recreational pursuits.

However, our staff are our greatest asset. Our internationally qualified staff and leaders are globally minded and experienced. They use units of inquiry that are designed using the Australian National Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate framework which provides an engaging and relevant focus on real world issues to successfully prepare our students for universities around the world.

Come and visit us to learn more about our amazing school. We look forward to meeting you and your children.

Paul Grisewood
Head of School


AISPP recognises that successful schools today have an enormous responsibility to educate students for their future.

As such, AISPP is committed to meet the needs of its students with:

  • passion
  • drive
  • creativity
  • innovation
  • dedication

To undertake this enormous responsibility, AISPP strongly believes we must focus our efforts on the following four areas:

The Student

AISPP strives to understand the nature of every child and provide growth-centred, student-focused learning. Each day spent at school provides precious time to learn and to be challenged. We are committed to moving beyond the traditional approach of teaching all children the same way and with the same curriculum.

Addressing individual learning needs and ensuring individual learning styles and multiple intelligences are a part of all our programs that ensures a stimulating, targeted, personalised approach.

The Teacher

AISPP believes that the quality of our teachers is paramount. We recruit outstanding, internationally - qualified teachers to offer the best programs possible. Our teachers are enthusiastic learners who are inquirers themselves and who develop, nurture, and grow inquiry within their students.

They are passionate about providing engaging and motivational learning activities and rich assessment tasks.

Values, Responsibility and a Global Mindset

AISPP believes that 21st-century education recognises the importance of social values and social responsibility.

Emotional intelligence, values, social and emotional programs, ‘doing good for society’ through action and service programs, and developing international-mindedness feature in all of our day-to-day programs.

The Learning Environment

AISPP strongly believes that the environment is the third teacher and, as such, prides itself on offering a beautiful setting, creative, 21st-century learning spaces and a learning environment that focuses on local and global aspects of our shared planet and common humanity.