Our Brand

The AISPP brand stands for growth and development. It provides an international framework for 21st-century learning, preparing children for success in a changing world.

Helping children to grow

aispp logoOur world-class school and outstanding teachers are committed to ensuring children are ready for the challenges and opportunities presented by our increasingly interdependent world. Developing into culturally aware, open-minded and inspired young people, AISPP learners are ready and able to competently take on any task or role, however big or small.

The beautiful, blooming lotus flower that we have adopted as our logo embraces the heart of our core learning philosophy, standing for growth, development and opportunity.

Each of the delicate petals represents one of the 10 IB Learner Profile traits.

The 3 gold petals at the top symbolise our philosophy of excellence and the Australian Curriculum with an international context, providing:

  • 21st-century learning opportunities
  • IB education framework (International Baccalaureate)
  • Independent education

The top 3 petals are also symbolic of Angkor Wat, which is at the heart of Cambodia’s heritage and culture.